Do I Have A Roof Leak?


Being a homeowner means being mindful of repairs and maintenance.


Especially for your home’s biggest defense, the roof…. 


Leaks in your roof can lead to bigger water damage problems that could travel into your walls, structure, and exterior of your building. 


The longer you leave this unchecked, the more damage it’ll do over time. 


By checking your roof for leaks, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage costs.


so you might be asking yourself…..

Do I have a roof leak?

6 Warning Signs
Of a
Roof Leak



1. There’s a water stain on your roof. 


water stain on roof



Water stains can look like a large puddle on your roof and are sometimes discolored compared to the rest of your shingles. 


Even the smallest stain can be a large water damage problem, so make sure to check the attic if you notice a stain. 



2. There are drips on your walls. 

Wet Walls


If you’re noticing moisture or drips of water on your walls, this might be a sign of a roof leak.


3. There are spots on your exterior walls. 

Related image


If you notice water spots where your roof meets your exterior walls, this could be a sign of water damage. 


This area can sometimes be problematic for homeowners, so ensure to check for any signs of drips, stains or water damage.



4. There are missing shingles or debris in your gutters. 

Missing Roof Shingles



Missing shingles or debris in your gutter is a sign of roof leaks.


Patches in your roof or debris and cracks in your chimney can be more prone to water damage and need to be inspected. 


Over time, they could lead to slow leaks in your attic so it’s important to have it checked out.



5. The insulation in your attic is wet. 

Wet Insulation


Wet insulation can lead to mold and other bacteria in your home.


If you’ve found wet insulation, this is a possible sign of a leak and should be inspected by a professional. 



6. Roof shingles are rotting. 

Rotting Roof Shingles


Rotting roof shingles are a sign of increased moisture absorption and could be a clear sign of water entering your home through your roof. 


Now that you understand how to check for leaks, you can continue to inspect your home (link to home inspection) for any signs of water damage. 


By acting on it as soon as possible, you can save yourself time, money, and headaches from water damage. 


If you want a more thorough inspection, a professional water damage restoration company should offer full inspection of the issue or incident, photo and video documentation, estimation of the cost of repairs and a PDF report you have digital access to. 


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