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The first person you should contact is a water damage restoration company. The first priority is to prevent anymore water damage to your property and to fix the current damage. The sooner our team arrives, the better we can prevent any additional damage to your home. Our team will document all the property damage to help you file your insurance claim.

Water damage restoration or flood cleanup involves a few steps and is completed in phases. First we remove all standing and excess water from any wet hardwood flooring, carpet or other materials. Once the water has been removed, the next stages are evaporation and dehumidification. The process can take multiple days to complete and once finished, will be reassessed with professional equpiment to ensure your home is thoroughly dry. Repairing water damage may also include drywall removal, carpet cleaning, wet floor repairs, odor control, and mold removal.

You can stay in the property unless the restoration manager deems otherwise. Unfortunately, noise alone is generally not a factor that is considered in this determination. The main factors that determine liveabliity arehealth, safety or access to essential services (ie. heat, water, or washrooms).

Water damage restoration is completed in two phases. The first emergency phase consists of drying, cleaning, and removal of all wet unrepairable surfaces. Phase one generally takes 2 – 7 days. Phase two consists of repairs, and can take up to a couple of weeks depending on the severity of the property damage.

Water damage cleanup costs depend on the severity of the flood, the size of the flooded area and time required to fully dry the water damaged area. Check with your insurance adjuster to see if you’re covered for water damage and if you are, generally plans only require the deductible to be paid. However, water damage spreads quickly and if not attended to immediately, can create more problems that may not be covered by your insurance.

Fans and dehumidifiers are placed in properties to reduce moisture caused by water damage. They require 2 to 7 days to dry a structure and are monitored periodically to determine through drying.

No, the equipment should not be turned off. Turning off the equipment slows down the drying process and may result in additional costs being billed due to the longer drying process.

Depending on who covers the claim, the homeowner may be reimbursed. Speak with your project manager for more details.

All standing water needs to be extracted and your home must still be dried. Restoration companies can be hired privately to restore your home and will provide a quote before they start.

A deductible is a preset amount of money you pay in an insurance claim before the insurance company helps with your claim.

We work with all insurance companies and we’ll bill them directly too.