Water Damage Repair Process

Townhome Water Damage Repair Process

After plumbing contractors caused a leak in this house by cutting into a pipe, this homeowner called us for repairs after the initial drying. Due to the zig-zagged nature of the drywall cuts, this repair proved to be a bit tricky. Luckily, our expert repair technician Andy utilized his 35 years of experience in repairs to expertly navigate the repair of this water damaged home. Our technician repaired the drywall & baseboards, retexturized the ceiling, and painted bringing the home back to its pre-loss condition for our happy clients. Watch This 11 Minute Case Study and Discover The Water Damage Repair Process.

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Category – 3 Black Water Damage Restoration Process

Category - 3 contamination, also known as BLACK WATER contains water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents. This apartment suffered a category 3 water damage loss after a unit above the gym experienced a sink backup. With no one in the apartment at the time, the black water quickly spread throughout the apartment and ended up flooding the gym underneath. Incredible Restorations was called to the site immediately and spent the whole night extracting water and drying out the unit and gym. Due to the hazardous bacteria in the water, the entire gym and unit had to be shut down and stripped down for us to decontaminate everything to stop all bacteria growth.

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commercial building water damage

Commercial Building Water Damage Clean Up Process

How often toilet supply lines should be changed? Every 4 - 5 years. Toilet maintenance is an often overlooked part of our homes/businesses, and this tenant found that out the hard way. During the Christmas holiday, this tenant's toilet supply line burst which resulted in a commercial building experiencing water damage from massive amounts of standing water. What happens when standing water fills up one unit? With nowhere to go, the water moved laterally into the surrounding units and ended up flooding a hair salon, massage studio, and a montessori.

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mixed use building flood

Mixed-Use Building Water Damage Drying Process

During a routine bathroom renovation, a contractor capped a pipe to prevent any possible water damage. However, Repressurizing the water caused the cap to shoot off which ended up flooding two apartments and the commercial space below. In order to properly dry a structure, moisture mapping is crucial to identify all flooded areas. Proper mapping combined with the correct amount of equipment allows restoration companies to minimize the amount of damage. Which saves the client a lot of money and time on the back end.

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Vancouver Home Flooded

Three Story Home Flood Restoration Process

What happens when you leave water running in an unfinished home for 12 hours? Thousands of litres of water flood the home.  Unfortunately, this homeowner found out about the flood the hard way..... In November, a homeowner hired a contractor to renovate their entire home. However, when leaving one day, the contractor forgot to cap the open shower valve resulting in thousands of liters of water spraying at unfinished drywall. As you can imagine, this didn’t bode well for the home… 12 hours later, the homeowner got a notification that their nest thermostat was offline. When they checked the home.... they found all three floors completely flooded. Incredible Restorations was called and for the emergency and demo phase. We extracted all the water and removed affected materials including all flooring, ceilings, drywall, baseboards and more.

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Large Loss Water Damage Restoration Process

What happens when the boiler on the roof of your 32-floor apartment fails?  Everything below gets damaged.  In September, one of our clients experienced a massive flood from a boiler malfunction. Within an hour of our crews being called and arriving, an enormous amount of water damage had already been done.  Water seeped into walls, flooring and even the emergency stairwell which heavily affected residents and building staff.  When our crew arrived they immediately started water extraction, moisture mapping, and documentation. To ensure they found all areas of moisture, they removed the baseboards and double-layered drywall to physically inspect water in the steel stud C - Channels. They also inspected the building for mold, lead, and asbestos.  Our crews worked tirelessly over the course of weeks to dry all 32 floors to get residents back into their homes. 

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Fire Damage And Water Damage Restoration Process

At the time of the fire, there were 6 fire trucks, and 35 firefighters onsite, dumping a lot of water.  28 units are affected by water damage or smoke damage. Some of them are varying degrees. There's some that are super minor right by the entry doors, others are midway, and others are, the entire unit's wet, floor to ceiling, walls, exterior walls. Yeah, the fire happened on the third floor, and we've had 33 units all had to be evacuated. Behind the walls is plywood, also known as shear wall. Because there's shear wall, those walls are never going to dry. When you have drywall compressed against wood like that, the water and moisture just soaks right into the wood. So, you actually have to remove the drywall from the shear wall itself to actually completely dry it. Pretty much now 90% of the hallway, it's all got to go.

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Storm Damage Roof Leak Restoration

Check out this very special video we created to document the water damage restoration process. On this project, gutters became clogged during a storm and water overflowed onto an unfinished rooftop. Luckily, the roofer caught the water just as it began to pour, and cleared the gutters immediately. However, only a few minutes of overflow was enough to cause immense damage to the 10 units below.

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