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In Place Drying – an efficient and cost-effective way to dry building materials affected by water

Drying behind cabinets, tile splashes/surrounds, insulated walls and beyond used to be near impossible. In most cases, there was no choice but to remove and dispose of the water damaged materials – at great expense to the customer and the insurance company. However, advancements in restoration technology allow us to direct high-pressure air into hard-to-reach areas and dry them quickly with minimal disruption.

At Incredible Restorations, we began adopting this technology a few years ago, and continue helping insurance adjusters, stratas, and homeowners minimize the cost and timelines to dry and repair their properties.

So why hire Incredible Restorations?

  • The process is typically non-destructive with minimum disruption
  • Results in a faster restoration process from beginning to end
  • Structural drying techniques preserve the integrity of the building
  • Save money by drying floors “in-place” avoiding an expensive repair bill
  • Returns the insured to their home sooner

So what is structural drying?

This is a technique using advanced drying technology to quickly and efficiently dry the saturated structural building materials minimizing the demolition required to dry behind the wall.  Our IICRC certified water damage technicians install these systems to deliver warm, dry, high-pressure air into these spaces for fast, effective drying.

So what is is in place drying?

In place drying is drying affected materials with zero disruption. For example utilizing a floor drying system to dry a hardwood floor in place, or installing drying equipment inside a contained environment for an extended period of time.  Another great example is drying tiled shower surrounds, usually these are very expensive repairs that can be totally avoided by using the right technology at the time. Our goal is always to minimize disruption at all costs, and return the property back to pre loss condition as soon as possible.

24/7 Flood Emergency Crew

Our 24-hour emergency line will connect you with one of our certified professionals who will advise you what to do to minimize damage until our technicians arrive. A crew of friendly professionals will be dispatched immediately and will arrive on site within the hour.

An Industry Leader’s Mentality

It’s our duty to assist you with the highest level of professionalism and customer service. We are very understanding of these stressful situations when water is damaging your property’s building materials, furniture, and prized possessions. As a recognized premium restoration service provider, it’s our responsibility to deliver excellent service throughout the mitigation and rebuilding of your home.