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6 Steps For Dealing With A Flood In Your Home in 2021

If you experience a flood in your home or basement in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Surrey, Langley or Abbotsford, you might be thinking…


My home has flooded and experienced water damage, what do I do?”


What if I told you I could give you a checklist of things to do to mitigate water damage in your home?


Rainy weather in Vancouver might be making you concerned about the possibility of a flood or leak in your home.


Keep in mind that being aware of the risks and possible sources of water damage can be crucial to preventing a flood in your home.


By following these tips, you’ll know exactly what to do during a flood in your home.


So what do we mean by flooding? Well, the word flooding is loosely interchanged with water damage, and really what it refers to is any kind of water that has leaked, spilled, or intruded into your home and thus causing damage.


Anything from a leaking roof, toilet overflow, broken water pipe, excess water from rain, water appearing on your drywall, wet flooring, or a drainage problem causing your bathroom, kitchen, basement, or anywhere in your home to flood are examples of water damage.


So, if you happen to find yourself in this situation here are our 6 expert tips for dealing with a flood or water damage in your home.


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7 Places In Your Home To Inspect For Water Damage

Getting your home inspected can help you find water damage, mold, or other hazards to protect your health and the structure of your home. 


However, many of us are extremely busy and might not be able to inspect every inch of our homes for water damage or any other concerns. 


Yet, by taking the time to inspect your house every few months, we can save ourselves thousands in repairs and long term problems. 


Here’s a simple checklist on how to inspect your home for water damage. 

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Do I Have A Roof Leak?

Being a homeowner means being mindful of repairs and maintenance.


Especially for your home’s biggest defense, the roof…. 


Leaks in your roof can lead to bigger water damage problems that could travel into your walls, structure, and exterior of your building. 


The longer you leave this unchecked, the more damage it’ll do over time. 


By checking your roof for leaks, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage costs.


so you might be asking yourself…..

Do I have a roof leak?

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The Best Tips For Preventing A Flood In Your Home


Hopefully this article hasn’t reached you too late and instead you are being a responsible homeowner and want to know how to prevent your house from flooding. Or perhaps someone you know recently had a water damage incident in their home and now you are trying to avoid it from happening in yours. Well that is what I will be helping you with.

I decided to write this article after we experienced quite the stormy week here in Vancouver. Strong winds and rainstorms were causing power outages throughout and properties were being damaged by the events.

The local news station contacted me for an interview on how this storm was affecting people’s homes and how they could better handle the situation.

After the interview, I realized I should put together some kind of preventative tips list that could  save you money and avoid going through the property restoration process. Continue reading “The Best Tips For Preventing A Flood In Your Home”