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Water Damage Restoration Services

24 Hour Emergency Flood Clean Up

Specializing in providing emergency property restoration services; including water, fire, and storm damage to home owners, business owners, strata councils, property managers, construction firms and insurance companies throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

Property Repair Services

We excel at all types of repair projects in residential and commercial properties. We manage projects from start to finish, some of our repair services include:
Drywall, Painting, Carpentry, Insulation, Wallpaper, Flooring, Carpet, Cabinetry, Etc..

Water Damage Inspections

Getting a water damage inspection can save you thousands of dollars. Our technicians are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), learn why Incredible is your best choice for water damage inspection and restoration in the lower mainland.

About Us

Why Incredible Restorations

We are a team of water damage restoration professionals that extract the water, dry up your place, and re-build it back to pre-loss condition… if not better.

At Incredible Restorations, We pride ourselves on providing you with extraordinary customer service to help you and your family get your lives back to normal. Our team is certified, IICRC educated and passionate about helping our community.

Contact us to experience the best customer service and reporting in the industry. Our aim is to make you absolutely happy with the end result.

Our teams provide a full range of services from water extraction, drying, water damage repairs, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, drywall repair, hardwood floor drying and all types of property damage restoration across the entire lower mainland. Whether it’s a basement flood, pipe leak, or small property damage repair, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re updated every step of the way.

If you want your water damage dried properly and your home back in pre-loss condition, Call Incredible Restorations!

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Consumers Choice Award Incredible Restorations

Online Reviews

Strata called Incredible Restorations after an upstairs neighbor flooded their apartment and water leaked all the way 4 floors down to my first floor unit. This extended to both my bathroom and my kitchen! Gratefully, Jamie was dispatched the very next morning. Jamie was polite, on-time and passionate about his work. Moreover, he is highly communicative- explaining the process every step of the way and never shamed me for asking too many questions. That sort of empathy is kind of amazing. I felt reassured my unit would be okay. Thanks Jamie!
r r
16:51 14 Jul 21
Hired them because they were recommended by a friend. Needed to repair some water damage on the floors. Aaron and his team did a great job and never tried to get us to do something that wasn't necessary.
Ryan W.
19:22 13 Jul 21
My husband and I had an overflowing toilet in our upstairs bathroom and we called the Incredible Restoration guys right away. They were super thorough and got everything dried up in just a few days!! This was a first for me, so I asked a lot of questions and I loved how they answered without any hesitation - I highly recommend James and the entire Incredible Restorations team! Super amazing work 🙂
Nelan Tagra (.
17:56 28 May 21
My building had a multi-story flood and their team just finished drying my apartment. They did a great job communicating what they were doing and made sure to wear masks the entire time. 10/10
John C.
21:39 19 May 21
They're currently handling a flood in my apartment building and all the workers have been very respectful and polite.
Penny L.
00:01 18 May 21
Honestly, I didn't know there was mold in my home until my mom visited and pointed it out. I called Incredible and they got rid of it so quick. They really are pros at what they do.
Christy T.
23:50 25 Apr 21
Keith and his team were great!They showed up promptly at 9:00 am, left around 12:00 pm after cutting out the soaked drywall, insulation, carpet and pulling out the ruined laminate, and setting up fans for us.They also gave great after-care instructions for the equipment. Very happy with their work 🙂
01:21 20 Mar 21
Incredible Restorations has always been great. Unfortunately, I've experienced a couple of water losses in the not-so-distant past, the most recent one being a month ago. My strata has called them each time we experienced one and they've always been prompt, professional, and polite throughout the whole repair process.
23:38 17 Mar 21
Great company to work for the management care about their staff the company as a whole is run by great people 10/10 would recommendThey take the job seriously and the management and supervisors there are very knowledgeable and considerate of any private residences individual costing needs and how to take the most productive and cost efficient way in resolving most floodsI learned a hell of a lot with them and think they’re probably the safest bet I can see for anyone in an emergency flood10/10 would work there again I just needed to take a higher paying worse job in order to pay some bills i definitely intend on shooting a resume back there
Dave M.
23:59 05 Mar 21
I posted a review with my google account (Morris) and my snooping has led me to my wife's gmail (since I am trying to support all the businesses I love during these pressing times with FAIR reviews).I don't understand the vendetta people go on and it sickens me that people of such 'low' caliber exist. If the unnecessary 1 star constancy is how one acts, there seems to be a lack of understanding. We act on rage and emotion, but the audacity to hide behind the screen and be petty, rather than finding the solution and settlement like adults is distasteful.If the job is truly not to promise, then 1 review is enough.Only reason why I even posted this is to let other people know what is REAL and what is a FAKE review - simply look at the constancy of review.If something was really unjust as to cause this, I would consult someone and deal with the business (especially if a job was on a higher quota). Again, all businesses have agreements and nobody's to blame but your ignorance to understanding how an industry works.From an accounting perspective: compliance, bylaw, enforcement, and legal aspects can assist you in claims. An analyst would do the backend work and an inspector would get the evidentiary needs.(Further snooping on restoration companies like circle and whatnot: the owners reply that they can't even find their file... so if you want to truly know a service, just be careful with these Shady 1 star reviews in general.If they are indeed true, than I apologize for pointing fingers and I'm sure the business would truly appreciate your feedback).PS: if you need restaurant or new eats recommendations, I will be posting my experiences on my actual account because they are TRUE.*Once this gets sorted out, I will delete this review - because it's not an actual review. (so maybe the fake reviews should do the same?)*
Stephanie T.
23:51 19 Feb 21
Anyone who needs an Incredible response team should call these guys!My dishwasher decided that it was finally time to ascend to heaven amidst my nightly milk run. All I can say is... there was a lake conveniently located in my kitchen (thankfully google instructed me on what to do immediately). But that was unfortunately the least of my problems...How I stumbled across these guys was through a friend who worked in strata management. And these guys aren't called Incredible for no reason!I spoke with the office staff there and they walked me through the process with what's to be expected (invoicing and everything). So the whole sha-bang was set into motion and the amount of professionalism was amazing (My parents and past landlords used to deal with contractors before... and they had NO respect whatsoever - these guys were DIFFERENT).Anyway, they went with the inspection and I was embarrassed with what unfolded... FREAKING MOULD! The team who worked with me were very knowledgeable and educated me about the occurrence of it (alongside some insight on how to avoid this in the future).Not that I hope something will happen in the future, I'll know who to call for Restorative work!De-bunking some skeptics out there (since I snoop a bit and working from home as an ACCOUNTANT of all jobs... I have time to read and have a good laughs with some of the reviewers getting called out from other businesses):- They quote you and give you estimates to the job done. (You just need to ask questions! Don't just stand there with your arms crossed and act like you know what you're doing. It might be COVID, but sheesh - if you got questions, ask!).- You sign it, but did you read it? You might say you have, but that just means you let the Karen in you take over and overreacted before understanding.- If the fellow in charge doesn't contact you, they have an office line for you to call from 9-5 - their office staff is updated enough with your job to give you some insight.- If a leak happens, MAYBE try and see what can be done in the meantime. That was the FIRST question I asked (What can be done in the meantime?)It just makes my eyes roll when people think 'value' is always the issue and will nitpick up to somebody's neck.The true value at the end of the day is:Respect and believe in other people and their respective careers & the amazing work that they've done is the value earned.Thank you for reading this lengthy review and hope it gives you another option for a restoration company! (Because they truly helped me indefinitely).
Morris T.
00:04 19 Feb 21
I had a leak from the unit upstairs. Incredible Restorations provided emergency response. From the coordinating supervisor, Nash Charbonneau, to each of the crew members who attended my home (Josh, Tyson, Carlos & Abraham), I received stellar service. Nash and his crew went beyond in accommodating special requirements to ensure my home remained safe of chemicals and toxins. Each crew member respected my home as if it were their home.Because of my experience during emergency restoration, I hired Incredible Restorations to do my repairs. They worked around my schedule, always arrived on time, and Nash stayed in touch with me regularly to ensure that everything was going well from my point of view. Without hesitation, I recommend Incredible Restorations. They are shining stars in an industry that doesn't have the best reputation.
Renu B.
21:31 26 Jan 21
Katita and Aaron were really easy and efficient to coordinate services with. Katita went out of her way to make everything go smoothly. I definitely want to get assistance from these folks in the future. It's reassuring to know there is a 24 emergency service that is friendly, fast, and easy to work with.
Alistair G.
02:22 23 Jan 21
They did a thorough and detailed job of helping me fix some significant water damage. I was really happy with the service that they gave!
Julia B.
03:31 14 Jan 21
Incredible restorations was very easy to work with and finished the repairs on time. Thorough communication and attention to detail, got the job done right.
Paul C.
19:52 07 Jan 21

The Incredible Team

Since 1993, Incredible Restorations has been solving water damage and leak problems in both strata and homeowner client’s properties, maintaining an impeccable reputation in the lower mainland for professionalism, quality, and customer service.

Water Damage Restoration Vans

5-Star Service. We strive to make every client a raving fan, and that starts with top-notch customer service and continues with professional workmanship. But don’t take our word for it, check out our online reviews on Google and Facebook.

5 star Reviews

Professional restoration of your home after water damage will maintain your property’s value and avoid future issues such as mold growth and cosmetic deficiencies. As well as protecting your family’s overall health and well being.

Water Damage Certifications

Our Property Damage Restoration Services Include:

    • 1-year warranty on all workmanship
    • Equipped with the latest industry equipment
    • We work directly with your insurance company and we’ll bill them directly
    • Industry certified team including a Master Restorer on staff
    • The highest degree of professionalism
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Get Your House Back In Order ASAP

Did you know? – You are able to hire the restoration company of your choice. We work with all insurance companies and will bill them directly.

Promptly dealing with emergency issues such as floods and water damage may avoid more serious property restoration issues such as mould growth and rotting. Protect your home; your largest investment by hiring the best choice in restoration.

Our experienced in-house crew can quickly mitigate, and tackle the restoration project to get it done in the fastest most efficient way possible.



INCREDIBLE RESTORATIONS Provides the finest FLOOD RESPONSE teams available in the Vancouver area.

Specializing in providing emergency water damage abatement and attendant structural restoration services to homeowners in Vancouver, business owners, strata councils, property managers, construction firms and insurance companies throughout British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Incredible aims to return our sites to a pre-loss condition in the safest and most efficient way possible.

We are at the forefront in the use of ”cutting edge” restorative drying equipment and technology. We combine this expertise with quality structural repairs. All of our employees are certified (IICRC) in various aspects of the water damage restoration field. Our company policy is continuous education and skills upgrading.

The emergency services and most of the structural repairs are undertaken by ”in-house” employees. This allows us a high degree of control regarding service delivery and quality. We believe ‘customer service’ is the key to repeat business.

24-hour Flood Clean Up – Call 604-639-0990