Do I Have A Roof Leak?

Being a homeowner means being mindful of repairs and maintenance.


Especially for your home’s biggest defense, the roof…. 


Leaks in your roof can lead to bigger water damage problems that could travel into your walls, structure, and exterior of your building. 


The longer you leave this unchecked, the more damage it’ll do over time. 


By checking your roof for leaks, you can save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage costs.


so you might be asking yourself…..

Do I have a roof leak?

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Origins And Classification Of Water Damage In Your Home

Ok, In this post I will be explaining some of the basics of water damage and how it can affect your home and health. You are likely reading this because you have experienced some water damage in your home and would like to know more on the topic, well you are not alone. In my  15 years experience water damage is the leading culprit when it comes to property damage and restoration service needs.

Now this actually surprises a lot of folks, when they hear water damage they usually imagine a flood from a nearby river, a natural disaster etc. While events as such do occur, there are more common ways for water damage to affect your home, including:

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