The recent outbreak of Covid-19 specifically can lead to a specific form of illness characterized by very high fever and a dry cough. Older adults with weakened immune systems and health problems are more prone to severe Corona Virus symptoms.


Direct exposure to droplets aerosolized when an individual coughs or sneezes and by secondary exposure of uninfected people to objects and surfaces with residual viral particles. 




People can experience secondary exposure of COVID-19. The virus can remain on surfaces for nine days and still potentially be contracted.


The safety of our clients and crew is our first priority. Since secondary exposure to COVID-19 is possible by being able to stay on surfaces for up to 9 days, we’re ensuring that our crew follows specific guidelines to keep our clients and themselves safe.


Currently the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements according to the CDC for restoration professionals is an N-95 mask.


What does this mean for me?


N-95 masks are useful for filtering out viral contaminants, however Incredible Restorations requires a minimum of a half face industrial respirator mask. Crews must also wear gloves, gowns and full face shields to protect themselves and others from any microorgansims. 


Our crews have been trained on how to properly use their PPE as well as the correct method of donning and doffing personal protective equipment.


In addition to the added PPE, Incredible Restorations is also taking increased precautions to prevent the virus from spreading and to continue effectively serving our clients.


What measures are we taking to keep our clients safe?


Some of the safety measures we’re taking are:


  • Limiting the number of technicians working on a site to a maximum of 2 
  • Our vans no longer carrying passengers to ensure we’re adhering to social distancing 
  • Asking residents to respect social distancing recommendations and relocating to a different room or away form the unit while we’re working 
  • Wearing protective gloves, goggles, and half face respirators while on work sites 
  • Frequent hand-washing and avoiding touching our faces 
  • Following social distancing recommendations and suspending unnecessary handshaking (including waiting for elevators and respecting social distance recommendations)
  • Disinfecting our workspaces, vehicles and equipment frequently 
  • Discarding used supplies and other disposable items on job sites 
  • Suspending meetings and unnecessary gathers 
  • Reducing visits to our main office 
  • Requiring employees to stay home if they are sick or have any symptoms


By following these preventive measures and staying up to date with public health announcements, we hope to help flatten the curve while still helping those in need with water damage. 


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