Watch The 3-Minute Water Damage Case Study

Mixed-Use Building
Water Damage
Drying Process 

Project date: January, 2020

Cause: Repressurized Water Blasts Off Pipe Cap

During a routine bathroom renovation, a contractor capped a pipe to prevent any possible water damage.

However, Repressurizing the water caused the cap to shoot off which ended up flooding two apartments and the commercial space below.

How is this dried?

In order to properly dry a structure, moisture mapping is crucial to identify all flooded areas.

Proper mapping combined with the correct amount of equipment allows restoration companies to minimize the amount of damage and provides for a thorough drying of structures and rooms.

What does that mean?

This saves the client a lot of money and time on the back end.

Incredible Restorations was able to efficiently dry out the commercial space below without affecting their day to day business processes.

Watch This 3 Minute Case Study and Discover The Water Damage Drying Process For Multiple Units. 


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