Watch The 4-Minute Water Damage Case Study

28 Units Affected by
Fire Damage And
Water Damage

Project date: July 15, 2018

Cause: Cigarette Butt In Potted Plant

At the time of the fire, there were 6 fire trucks, and 35 firefighters onsite, dumping a lot of water.  28 units are affected by water damage or smoke damage. Some of them are varying degrees.

There’s some that are super minor right by the entry doors, others are midway, and others are, the entire unit’s wet, floor to ceiling, walls, exterior walls.

Yeah, the fire happened on the third floor, and we’ve had 33 units all had to be evacuated.

Behind the walls is plywood, also known as shear wall. Because there’s shear wall, those walls are never going to dry. When you have drywall compressed against wood like that, the water and moisture just soaks right into the wood. So, you actually have to remove the drywall from the shear wall itself to actually completely dry it. Pretty much now 90% of the hallway, it’s all got to go.

Watch This 4 Minute Case Study and Discover How Water Damage Can Occur After A Fire.

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